About Our Company

Jackson is a city where fun times tend to happen, and that's just a fact! Limousine Jackson is proud to have been able to service a great deal of the fun events that take place here! From bachelor and bachelorette parties, to corporate events, we have a great track record of providing quality transportation to this area, and the surrounding cities. It will be hard to find another company in the area with the same quality of transportation and beautiful selection of diverse vehicles.

The reason why our transportation is top rated is because of the fantastic employees who work hard throughout each and every day to bring you an end product that can't be beat. Our booking agents ensure that your reservation is taken care of, while our customer service agents take care of any problems or questions you might have. Our team of professional mechanics ensure that our vehicles are in premiere working condition, and our chauffeurs provide you with the quality transportation that you've come to expect from Limousine Jackson. Call now to begin your quote!