Milan Restaurant & Bar Guide
Original Gravity Brewing Company

440 County Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-7490

You are absolutely going to love this place. It has a very intimate and warm feel to it even though it is a brewing company. There is always something going on here, either a special event or an introduction of a new special brew. When weather permits they have an awesome outdoor seating area. The bartenders are very friendly and really liven the place up. But when you come here, you will be introduced to the world of micro-brews. You can't go wrong with a visit to 440 County Street.

Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers

25 Wabash Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-1737

If you are going to have some amazing food, you might as well also pay a reasonable amount for it. Well, that is exactly what you will do at 25 Wabash Street. Even though hamburgers is in their name, they are famous for their barbecue pork. But if you really are in the mood for a burger and you are very hungry, you could try their ultimate challenge called the Bubba Burger. This place is definitely not the same ole same ole stuff, you will be singing a delicious tune at Roy's.

Don Juan Mexican Bar & Grill

38 East Main Street.
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-7774

When we say the following words you will want to rush to 38 East Main Street. The words are, excellent food, service, and atmosphere. It all starts with great chips and salsa, then you can move onto amazing margaritas, and top it off with their signature dish which is the Chimichanga's. You won't believe how much they bring you, plan on taking a lot home for later. And all of this goodness is served up by some really friendly folks who seem to really care about you as a customer.

Fenders Bar & Grill

20 Wabash Street.
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-3474

This place is all about two things mainly: drinking and burgers. One thing we can tell you for sure, this is the place where everyone knows each other. So, when you come in for your brew and burger, expect to have a friendly atmosphere where you will be treated like a friend. The bartender is very efficient as is the wait staff. So, if you are not looking for any kind of frills but just need a place to hang out and experience some local flavor, check out 20 Wabash Street.

China One

29 East Main Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-8401

We are going to put this as simply as we possibly can. At 29 East Main Street, you will find great food for great prices. There are so many great options on their menu it will be hard to narrow your choice down to one. But if we had to choose one, we would recommend the lo-mein noodle with shrimp. The staff are really nice and if anything goes wrong with your experience, they will make sure that it is made right. Definitely worth a drive.

Basil Boys

527 West Main Street
Milan, MI 48160
(734) 439-7700

If you really like pizza, then this is the place for you. They have a very nice menu with a number of great options. Obviously, pizza is the number one signature dish at 527 West Main Street, but they also have items like pocket sandwiches, wraps, barbecue, and great salads. The owners started this with the idea of providing quality in every way. And they are still doing it to this day. So if you are up to supporting a great local hometown business, now is your chance.