Limousine Jackson

Jackson is a special community that is home to many hardworking and passionate individuals. This city is a fantastic place to live, work, and play, and with our company as the top provider of transportation in the area, you can be assured that having a good time is easy to do. You deserve a night out with your friends, dancing, drinking, and partying the night away and letting go of all of the weekday worries.

With our amazing transporation, that's easily accomplished! With our fleet of limousines and limo buses, there's no need to consider any other transportation company in Michigan. We have the best quality amenities for your partying experience, the safest fleet of vehicles for your well being and comfort, as well as professional chauffeurs who truly know how to make your night one to remember. It's safe to say that we will be the company to call, the question is, when will you call to reserve your limousine?

Why rent with Limousine Jackson?
  • Prices that are affordable
  • Diverse selection of vehicles
  • Fantastic party features
  • Professional and trained chauffeurs
  • Durable and reliable limos and limo buses
  • Large insurance policies for your safety
  • Ability to service any event
  • Weddings
    We'll make your dreams come true with a well planned transport option you've been looking for all along. We make the entire process efficient.
  • Bar Hopping
    Enjoy nightlife in style with a pub crawl in one of our vehicles. You wont have to worry about a designated driver when you book with us.
  • Prom and Homecoming
    Travel in safety and comfort with our professional chauffeurs who have years of customer service experience on the road.
  • Corporate Get Togethers
    Make a great first impression when you show up with one of our polished vehicles.
A commitment to excellence

It's not unlikely to see one of our vehicles rolling around town at any given time, and this shows that we're a trustworthy company to consider for a celebration. There are many reasons why you might want to use our transport service, and some of them you might not have even thought of before! While it's obvious that we strive to provide exceptional service to events like weddings and proms year round, we're also happy to take you to events like the Jackson Blues Fest or the Fireworks at the Cascades. Using our service for community festivals is a great idea because you'll have shelter from any inclement weather, and you wont have to worry about finding a parking spot! Our abilities are only limited by our customers imagination, and so far they've done a great job at consistently surprising us with wild and crazy events, so don't be shy when it comes to what you have planned out. Locals have had a great time taking our vehicles to spots like The Chase Sports Bar and the Shamrock. However, take comfort in the fact that you're going to be able to completely customize your itinerary whenever you decide to call us up to reserve! If you've ever had the pleasure of booking with us before this, then you know all of the convenient aspects of riding around town with a professional chauffeur. If you aren't aware, we're happy to fill you in on all of the specific details on why to trust us!

Traveling with our company ensures smooth sailing from start to finish, and all in an affordable fashion which is the most important when you consider value. From the moment you dial in to inquire about pricing or other vehicle details, we make it our mission to understand your event as much as we possibly can. This way, we understand your specific needs since every trip is different than the last one, even if it happens to be the same customer that is calling. On the topic of affordability and overall pricing structure, you will be glad to know that we go to great lengths to pass down our savings to you each time, too! When you consider our affordable pricing and the convenience that a reservation brings to any event, it's hard to justify using any other form of transport. Think about finding directions, dodging construction barrels, or corralling the entire group at the end of the night to try and find a sober driver to get home. Do the safe, fun thing by giving us a call, and we will show up on time in a polished vehicle, ready to make the most out of the plans that you've made.