Battle Creek Restaurant & Bar Guide
Malia Mediterranean Bistro

34 West Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 441-2900

This place can be wrapped up in one statement: simply delicious cuisine. The chefs here believe in nothing less that the highest quality ingredients. Not only do they have an expert culinary team at 34 West Michigan Avenue, they also have a support staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. You will love the atmosphere as it is relaxed and comfortable. It is hard to pin them down on a signature dish because they have such amazing choices from almost every food category. You must experience this place very soon.

Addington Hills Cafe

295 Emmett Street East
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 965-2233

It is very rare when you start with dessert. But we feel that the dessert offered at 295 Emmett Street East is that special. Their menu is so full of wonderful sweets like 7-layer bars, Peanut Butter Pie and Creme Brulee. You may just want to visit this place just to have desert sometime. The food will tantalize your taste buds in a way that you will not know how to make them stop dancing. If you are looking for a really special dinner menu item, we suggest that you order the Salmon fillet with risotto and spinach in a creamy wine sauce. Need we say more?

Taste of India

215 Michigan Avenue West
Battle Creek, MI 49017
(269) 962-9033

Try some of the most exotic flavors you have ever had in your life. This place offers authentic Indian cuisine with many delicacies from all over. Their claim to fame is their chicken tiki masala. We warn you that one order will be able to feed two people no problem. Your mouth will be watering all throughout your experience. The atmosphere at 215 Michigan Avenue West is very calming and and the service staff will make sure your every desire is fulfilled.


11177 East Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49014

Are you ready for a very special dining experience? Then you will want to roll over to 11177 East Michigan Avenue as quickly as you can. Their meals are totally unbelievable. From the gorgeous fresh seafood to thick juicy steaks, something tasty is always on the grill here. This place is part of a casino, but never fear because it is in a more secluded place of the casino so you will be able to enjoy a very nice dinner without a lot of distraction. The servers are very well trained so get ready to experience elegance unlike many other places you could go.

Antonio's Mexican Restaurant

703 Columbia Avenue East
Battle Creek, MI 49014
(517) 474-1898

Let's face it, when you visit a Mexican restaurant and order a traditional Mexican entree, you want to have it served hot. And at 703 Columbia Avenue East, that is exactly what you will receive. We can promise you that you will not be disappointed in the quality of the food. They also are very efficient with processing your order. If you are looking for a recommendation on your first visit, try the Chicken Tamale, you will be in heaven.

Clara's on the River

44 North McCamly
Battle Creek, MI 49014
(269) 963-0966

Now this is a very classy and unique place to spend some time. Located in a renovated train station in downtown Battle Creek at 44 North McCamly, the menu is absolutely huge. In fact, we will go as far as saying that if you can't find something that you want on their menu, then you probably need to just go home anyway. When the weather permits, you will be able to eat outside near the river which is a very relaxing experience. This is a great way to complete your day.